Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I and everything

bored. learning. but even in the way i learn, i see how certain aspects of my personality are involved. for example: preferring method over facts and constantly trying to create own comments on the elements to be learned. this is not only so in learning: personality, always, in everything i do. whether practicing taekwondo, playing videogames, reading, writing, going out, whatever, always: everything is me. and so it is for everyone of us. well duh. sure. but still: remarkable. the extent of our very personality so influences our subjectivity that the entire world becomes "our" world - there is no world. there are only versions of it.

compare this to the notion (i don't remember who said this) that despite our material self is constantly, constantly, constantly developing and changing (with each new second our body is renewed, each new second brings a new set of cells), our "spiritual" self (or at least, the notion we have of this second type of Self) remains the same. though our body is never the same as it was seconds ago, our mind is capable of adhering to coherence. the body we had years ago is dead, destroyed, a conglomeration of dead cells dispersed over planet earth, but we still remember what happened then. in fact, this inner self is so strong it influences every movement we make. and quite often we are not even aware of this.

bottom line is: i should study less. and relax more. go outside, perhaps.

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Steph said...

Congrats on your brand new sparkling blog! You got yourself your first loyal visitor :-) I'm really curious what other musings will find their way to the world wide web through you!

Greets, Steph