Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the undercity of trees

bummer. haven't been able to write much due to mucho work. mucho, macho. hah hah. okay.

anyway: nice thing driving through night-time park. all trees and silence. some light, not much. enough. moon and clouds and again, silence but also shuffle of an underground, neverknown fallen leaves love dance. secret rituals we never know of.

music to the setting: Easy Muffin by Amon Tobin. its sounds, its heavy melodies hanging like mists between the frozen, sleeping trees. a perpetual fog of wind-blazen modern day nocturnes, black and crawling. embracing. everywhere; everywhen. silent observer on a bike: nonexisting, fading in the world of night, time and park. the world of all trees and silence.

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