Sunday, December 10, 2006

all (and nothing)

myriads. seas & oceans. rows of corn on endless fields. elysium. to drown in infinite laughter and joy. sharing a tear with the world that is so powerful that it means everything to you and everything to you and everything to you and makes you so


the way this world is linked, the way everything is linked - not one, no, but an overpoweringly simple multiverse. everything, all, far-reaching, panoramic. the sky should be ashamed to be so small.

in these posts i have been writing about sadness, happiness, stupid things, serious things, i don't know who i wrote them for. for anybody who wanted to read them. i guess this will post will mean nothing at all. or it will mean an awful lot. it is what it is.

even a lamppost can make me happy.

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Anonymous said...

In the arms of an Angel, far away from here....

an awful lot....