Wednesday, January 10, 2007

insomnia = not in somnia

(beware, i'm going to whine a bit)

discrimination, that's the word. every day has been divided in a way that we get up early, work until the sun is setting or has set (depends on the season or on your dedication), we eat, do something else and go to sleep before or around midnight to get up early again. im not protesting against any possible dullness in the succession of days - making every day worthwile is something you have to do yourself. what i do have problems with, though, is the "early" part.

due to some evil plot to undermine all other possibilities, we live in a daytime-oriented world. schools start in the mornings and so do most jobs. make sure you run your errands in time because shops tend to close when it gets dark (there are some exceptions, but these are rare, and more expensive as well).

but there just are people whose body functions best on a different kind of schedule. their hormone boosts reach their summits around 11pm or later and as such this is the moment when they can move every mountain in sight. getting in bed at around 4am is then not so strange, and getting up at around 12am even less so. but when trying to live in a 'normal' society, this is simply not possible. either you sleep only three hours a night, or you go against your nature and try to fall asleep at around 11pm.

no ma'am, we're not lazy buggers doing nothing but sleeping all day long (you may live when we're still asleep, but we live when you're already asleep). we're not stubborn maniacs and we don't think we are vampires. we are simply night people, built to live on different hours than you. it is time we fought back. it is time the discrimination of our kind ended. it is time we establish a second society, built to last every night! hurray!

nightcrawlers, unite!!


Anonymous said...

Nightcrawlers simply live in the wrong time zone.


P said...

will you buy me a New York apartment? :-)

Anonymous said...

If I can get you of here? Sure ...