Thursday, February 08, 2007

have you got a sec?

thinking about time travel...

1. if i met myself a couple of days/years later or earlier, i think i would not like to pick my own nose in that other version of myself. which is silly, as i dont mind picking my own nose right now (nooo, not right now, but you know what i mean)

2. if i would travel to tomorrow, then i could meet myself. but, when doing so, that would imply that the me from tomorrow (= me2) would know about this, as for me2 this occurred yesterday, when he was still the me from today (= me1). the memory would then be in me2's head of meeting himself when being me1. me2 could then provide a welcome drink. but, at the same time, me2 cant have these memories for as long as me1 hasnt visited me2 yet. so, the memory in me2's head would be created at the exact moment of receiving me1's visit, which is impossible, as me2 already visited himself when he was still me1.

3. and from this it is probably so that our time-line indeed is not a procession but rather a parallel existence of all moments. for me1 cannot visit me2 if they do not exist at the same time. i guess. also, if i travel to 2017 (it is now 2007), then, if time is linear, 2007 does not exist any more for me the moment i left it. but what with all people and things in it? and if i end up in 2017 and i then go back to 2007, then does 2017 disappear at that exact moment? but that's just me perceiving it, no? but then 2007 and 2017 must exist at the same time - supposing that time-travel is possible - or i would not be able to travel between them. what with determinism then? if today and tomorrow exist at the same time, then time probably is not related, for today cannot influence tomorrow as tomorrow already exists, and so does yesterday still exist, and if i now kill myself that would not change tomorrow for if this is the day i killed myself then in that tomorrow i am not there anyway because it exists right now and and and and and

i've positively lost myself. there are probably tons of mistakes in my thoughts, but it's interesting to think about it anyway. where's my dvd of 12 Monkeys?

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