Sunday, March 04, 2007

and now for something completely silly

which large mammal is not to the point?


(yup, in my free time i actually invent stupid jokes which make no sense)

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jangojim said...

Might I add a serious fat "LOL" to this ? :p

It's a goodie Mr. P ! :),why not come up with a series ? ( and I'm thinking commercially now, invent t-shirt-quotes .. )

Nice blog, just the read the suicide part, good stuff, mate. Interesting, made me think.

and I Noticed you like Amon Tobin ^_^, asskicking music man ! And Paul Auster is slowly but surely coming into my world, via movies that is, don't know If I told you yet, but I saw "Smoke" with Harvey Keitel . The movie rules !

Anyway, thx a whole lot for commenting on my blog-thing, I think I'm gonna stick around your place here, interesting and inspiring stuff

cheerio compadre & yes, e-mail is a better way to talk about graphic novel meetings :), so let's not do that here. Keep up the smashing good work !