Sunday, March 18, 2007

a conventient truce

saw Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. i knew much of it already, and i disliked the parts of the film that were more or less Gore-propaganda, but still... made me think again.

perhaps we're not all God's little creatures, perhaps we are. does not depend on whether there's a god or not, but on what the belief of certain people is. but toss and turn any way you like, be there millions of gods or none, we're all in this mess together.

i remember some of the final images of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and dream of a world in unison.

why are we still busy doing the very things that destroy us (either actively or passively, i.e. by doing nothing at all)? even if our opinions differ so much, then can we not, just for a relatively short period, stop discussing and focus on the tiny blue speck we are living on, and which is dying?

how can you not love planet earth? in this huge universe (or multiverse, believe what you will), there is not one place which is home to everyone we know and see but earth. sure, my house is not yours, but everything is relative. everyone else in my house can call this house "my house" as well. everyone in my street can call this street "my street". we're all on this planet. it's our planet.

i once wrote that it's all so deceptively simple, and i think this is once again the case.

i don't know who i address now (anyone and no one in particular), but please, ignore my often melodramatic or cheesy phrases in this post, and let's just begin right here, right now. you and me. the others will follow.

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