Friday, March 09, 2007

christian poltergaysts shouting misguided battlecries

okay, i was just reading a New York Times article about concerns regarding a group of Christian youths called BattleCry, who are suspected of representing strong anti-gay policies. i wont go into the details, but one thing struck me, and that was that one of its founders, a man called Ron Luce, said that he had seen surveys from which can be inferred that in general, gay people are much more unhappy. therefore it is probably a sin and out of pure love (shame i cant do my "oh the irony"-voice in these written words) they want to show gay people that there are other ways possible, that they are mislead, that they can be conducted towards happiness. for homosexuality is harming people just like lying or cheating does (Luce's words - no kidding).


1) it is unsure what surveys Mr Luce is pointing to, it is even unsure whether these surveys actually exist, but...

2) if they exist, and they prove that, in general, gay people are less happy, then this is just because of groups like Luce's! i mean, OF COURSE you are unhappy if your sexuality is still regarded as a biblical sin and if there are groups out there who wish to change parts of the essence of your being. my word, the stupidity in those claims, the stupidity in human beings.

sorry, just had to ventilate all of this. a sadness post about this could be "people running in circles and walking over other people's feet while doing so".

ps: the article can be found on

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