Monday, June 04, 2007

it all ends here; it all starts here


no movements, no gusts of wind; no nothing. just bare, raw, crystalline infinity, suspended within more infinity, lashing out to endless sides.

floating on a door on the primordial sea. the expectancy of life.

fire and volcanoes raging, shouting at each other; deep-earth pyrotechnics. gases to kill all eyes.

the birth of a star, the death of a star. millions of seconds and a single one always is enough. outbursts of solar energy; miles and miles and miles into the distance. so much larger than any one's body, always.

splintering ice crush of a world coated in burning cold white. oceans so devoid of warmth that they are beyond green and can stand almost, almost no life at all. only the lucky few, so spectacular in their more than natural appearance, can move along the face of those waters - and much deeper too.

infinitesmall regions of life in a handful of sand; thunderstorms of a god's blinking eyes.

will all these memories be lost,
like tears in the rain?


jangojim said...

some powerful words there man

P said...

thx dude. shame i did not write anything for so long now. bloody exams... but anyway, new post is up, more are to follow soon.