Sunday, August 12, 2007

sadness # 3

to think about all the things going on while i am writing this... it is truly insufferable, and intolerable. all we seem to be able to do is steal each other's breath. for no apparent reason but to choke in our own anxieties over the possible lack of air out there.

will i ever better the world? will we?

sorry if i sound like a tormented adolescent kid. but this is how i feel. so actually, fuck sorry. it is what it is. let things be that are.


Anonymous said...

I think I really understand how you feel. Really I do.
Your email was so... "welcome" and "right" and "on the spot" that I don't really know how to aswer it properly.
Everything is "so much" right now and I am afraid to use to wrong words, because there are just no right words.

I think you can better the world. I even dare to say that I know for a fact, that you already did.

I'm sorry if this makes no sense or sounds too dramatic and I really hope you'll feel happier soon.

P said...

don't worry, it makes sense. and thanks -- really. (and i hope to catch you soon on msn!)