Monday, November 12, 2007

poem of inner peace

Put your head like so in my arm
so that from your forehead to your mouth my gaze may glide
over the bridge of your nose
Put your head like so
On your mouth I put my hand
rest assured

(this is a translation of a poem by Antwerp poet Paul van Ostaijen.)


Anonymous said...

Not just the poem.
But that someone might really think that way about someone special.
I think it's just for a select few though. Still, it's beautiful.

I hope you find that special someone who fully appreciates the loveliness in your features and the bridge of your nose.

P said...

thank you, i am happy you like it -- all credit goes to van Ostaijen though, my translation is only so-so. but the emotions in this poem indeed appear sincere, which makes them tangible. the original is even better, you can easily find it on the internet (just google "ostaijen leg uw hoofd zo in mijn arm").

oh, and i wish you the same, too.