Thursday, January 24, 2008

a real blog post! the grafik nophel one!

yup, a real blog post this time. something about my own personal life! i guess i needed that so the blog-police wouldn't come round and start asking questions. or placing anal probes which would come out at strange times and play the tune of Knight Rider. and i sure do not wish my rectum to be in any way associated with David Hasselhoff, even if it looks like him.


i'm working on a graphic novel nowadays, together with a guy whose last name cannot be pronounced (and i will not attempt spelling it either -- it's after 3 am, you know). but should you be interested, here's his blog (any kind of publicity will do him good, and, indirectly, me too, as he's my "visual artist" or something, and the more famous he gets, the more our graphic novel will sell. is this shameless publicity? yes, it is. why? because i can! shouldn't there be a ")" around here somewhere? i guess so. here goes) (i lost my train of thought now, what was i saying) (oh yeah, here's his blog)

go and have a ball. he's really funny at times, if you like that kind of thing. and no, i didn't mention his site just so we would sell more, i really think he does a commendable job, and he's got his own style, which can be a rare thing to come across.

ok wait. so the only bloggish thing about this post is the one sentence mentioning that i'm working on a graphic novel, and all the rest is filler? dammit, i'll never learn.

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