Monday, August 18, 2008

nice cd cover # 6

Ellen Allien - SOOL


jangojim said...

Groovy ! You like Ellen Allien ? Had the opportunity to experience her in Petrol. That was kickass !

Pumping minimalistic beats, sweaty moving bodies, all hypnotized by the rythm & syncopated lights. At a certain moment the monotonous rythm swept me away so much I was slightly hallucinating. I'm not sure it was the beat, heat or lighting effects that made me stare at my feet. Perhaps someone poured something in my drink, but I still remember it was cool and that's what counts. Especially the remembering thing, cause I'm the kind of guy that suddenly after a year doesn't know his pin code anymore :).

P said...

well, i learned about her from my electro-guru pim (yeah, that guy from the haemoglobinia blog. you might know him from some obscure bar where we met, in the winter of 1973). i must say i like what i've heard so far, especially the collaboration with Apparat. and i envy thee now for having seen her, next time there's some big name in Petrol worth checking out: call me! (no, that's not an order. you may ignore it, private. it was merely a suggestion. now go brush your teeth.)

i know full well what you mean when talking about how monotony can make you perceive things differently for a moment. there's a reason why so many African tribes rely on percussion to be swept away into a trance-like state. this hasn't changed, whether it's drumming on wood or using electronic beats...

oh, and by the way: your pin code is 3597.