Monday, September 08, 2008

i am the rain

It was a rain that never stopped
it flung itself blindly
against moaning cold windows
building a wall of water
like a moat upright

I saw how the water on the windows
fell on me, too
as a streetlight shone and threw
ghostly drops on my skin
they were like eyes
while I listened to the drums
on the glass, wanting to get in
wanting to escape the night

I could not let them enter
those drums
They were too loud for me,
too scary. I built a hole,
a cave
in my bed and held
my breath and my knees
as the rain fell like hail
on the cold hard moaning glass
in my bed


jangojim said...

waw...ironically words cannot describe how this makes me feel. It was 5 AM when I read it, I'd just watched Taxi Driver again, fell asleep with a Portishead song and thought about delicious rain outside when you're inside. I read this one aloud. It's so powerful someone should record a spoken word version, so we can all put this on when the rain comes down. Your words are gold, man

jangojim said...

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P said...

thank you for such praise. really. it comes at exactly the right time.

maybe i'll experiment with reading it out loud, though i'm not sure i'd be most suitable to do so. Marlon Brando would have been a better option, i'm sure.

and Taxi Driver is one of my favorite movies of all time.

thanks again!