Thursday, September 18, 2008

it's true


These will be the first true words
I have written about you. Stay

I was not here before. When my
hands looked for my face

You put your hand on me, looked
at me like I existed. How could you be


You spoke to me like I could
hear, understand. Why

Tell me I'm beautiful. It's all
I ever want to hear again. From you

From you

When my hands looked for my face
they felt thin air. Cold

This is how you created me:
You were here. I am here

This is what you started; I am
what was begun. I breathe now

You gave me such deep thoughts

I look for a place in your
shadow, to rest

And I think that maybe
things might be



megha puNAter" said...

mooi, sounds like an ode to a mother,correct me if i am wrong.

P said...

dank je. it's not exactly a mother, but almost. the mother some people have in them, the mother we all hunger for, children that we are.

but then some more, as well.