Monday, October 13, 2008

because i like clouds


jangojim said...

I lovess clouds ! Sometimes they're so unreal, as if we're looking at a painted version of the sky. Sometimes it seems as if Magritte came by and otherwise Independence Day is here. The pics you captured are beautiful. I wish I had a camera for every time I look up and softly say "wooow" ( I really say that aloud even if there's no one there ). But then I get a little sad, because I cannot capture all of those beautiful colors on camera the way I see them. It is merely a downgraded imperfect copy..I'm not gonna go into Plato here :), but I'm just gonna say one more thing : nice job dude !

megha puNAter" said...

wow great pictures p
loooved these.
btw my name means monsoon clouds.

P said...

Jim: thanks, buddy. we need to be standing somewhere someday, watching clouds and going "wooow" together. we'll never capture clouds the way they are, but any attempt is a step towards perfection, even though it is never reached, right? if that is all, it will be more than enough. let's attempt.

Megha: thank you. i always thought your name had a great sound to it, like someone hitting a large baobab tree with a wooden pole, generating a deep, earthly sound. but add to that the meaning of your name and it's all even more intense. my first name just means "rock", but that's okay. being a rock means i can lie down, breathe inaudibly, look up at clouds all day, and await the monsoon rain.