Sunday, February 07, 2010

song of the day (oh yes)

Air - All I Need

(To remember this. From the first downwards. Opening.

It must come.

It moves, finds its own place. All sadness, smiling into flow. Small stream of what is.

Moody tones of new sunlight. Moving past; desert-born winds. Opens its arm around who i was, some time, some other time, and now still. It tells me who i will become. As i remember, and find back, and find back. And never fight back.

It knows me. We tumble on. I do not mind the sand it brings.

What we became; i so remember. Like the first summer i ever saw. It would tell me how all others were but follow-ups, trying to be. As much as. The first. Painting a palimpsest of green-feet blue. All cataclysms of one root.

As i was once. A different same. And needed so. To find me in here. And did.

As i was once. Me. And did not know if this would ever change. And yet the song. We were there. Ready to listen to. With eyes closed. Ready to touch. With hands near. Only the music. Low-angled shadows. Windows shining in through unbreakable yellow. And how i hoped to find. How i hoped to find. And knew the time would come, and stay. As i was once.

As i am still.

Along the blur of long-past midday.

A slow-falling afternoon, a non-descript day. It could be any day, but it can only be this one. Suspended, i would say. Suspended in the windless streets, the neverblown rooms. Hanging in the foothill of heat; a night that will never come. The simple melancholy moves.

There's the repeat. But only to take along with it. The streams no day can bear. The streams no day can bare. I move my feet so. In the shallow waters that tell. That this is right.

That this is how it should be. And that.

It will stay with me.)

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jangojim said...

beautiful man. Air has a few songs that are in my heart. I once got the opportunity to work for them at rock werchter. I even talked to one of the members. not much, though. I thought that would blow me away, but it didn't. Actually it was like I couldn't talk to them through words. They felt like strangers, whereas their music felt like a friend. I don't have the same feeling with Andrew Bird. He's the nice guy you want to have a cup of coffee with and share ideas.
Perhaps because Air is mostly instrumental ? They also use different singers, I think. anyway, my best memory of them ( their music, that is ) was waking up from my tent at rock werchter at 7 AM, alone, because I was working there. I got up, watched the morning sun, smiling, being at a moment in my life where I felt great. so completely on my ease. "All I need" started playing loud through some big speakers. the song was everywhere and it was perfect. I kept walking until the song made place for another one, but even then I kept walking for 40 minutes, through some fields. blue sky. sun. more people waking up. just happiness.