Saturday, April 28, 2007

a bit of a cliché, but anyway


Anonymous said...

This picture simply shouts Summer! Summer!
(I'm coming dear)

jangojim said...

To me this shouts mystery in the ocean of life. Pieces of a forgotten bicycle in a neverending row of cabins, providing a wall in between two worlds. Just trying to breathe some poetical bullcrap here :), but this certainly means more than summer to me. The warm, pretty feeling contradicts with something else. It kind of scares me. The majesticness & loneliness. Feeling an ant in the big world.

P said...

the one reads summer, the other edward hopper... every object is automatically subject-defined. but there is, of course, the bike.

jangojim said...

Correction: a piece of a bike. How can one know it's a full-grown bicycle if one can't see it ?

Alright, perhaps, the man ( you ) who captured this moment in life saw the object or even touched it, but me, the spectator, will never know for sure. I do can imagine the rest of the bike.

Suddenly I have to think of a famous experiment with a cat. From the moment it was born, placed in a sealed space ( "world" ) with only round objects.
Many years later, the cat is released into our world and strikingly the cat runs into everything that is not round. Because the animal only sees what he knows.

cheerz mate

P said...

in all honesty, i did not check out the bike either. we assume a Gestalt, but it may indeed well be that it's not a bike at all, but the nose of a mutated jellyfish. and who's to say what's behind those cabins, or if there is a Behind behind those cabins. the world is what we read in it, and sometimes our readings are so limited because of our frames of reference -- which, paradoxically, are there to widen our scope of viewing.

can we ever escape ourselves, and do we have to? will we ever see the Other, if we always see the round shapes of our own Selves?