Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the tropic of cancer

to write out of nothingness, to enhance chaos to receive order, but under laws of entropy, to reach chaos once more. can we change? what can we change?

i know this does not seem to make sense, but perhaps that never was the aim of this blog. anyway, my appy polly logies.


Anonymous said...

It does make sense to me somehow, though. The urge to write, to create order in letters, words, phrases, the mind... And then realise the order is nothing more than the reflection of what we usually call life in a cracked rear view mirror.

Never mind. We might actually be living in a dimension hidden in one of those pieces of glass. And then writing is the better photograph of genuine life.

Think about it. Or even better, try to write about it.

P said...

i'll think about it, and write about it soon. if instances of plagiarism arise in that post, please excuse me, for i will take this comment as a starting point, and inevitably some of your ideas will be used. the post will be called "cracked rear view mirror", and will be posted soon. should you read it and dislike it: the 'comment' option is but a click away.