Tuesday, May 23, 2006

boing BOOM *tsjak*

was just biking home with early evening sun, listening to Kraftwerk's Kling Klang. and i wondered. why is it that Kraftwerk manages to sound so... old? i do not mean dated, not at all (i still love listening to their music, and i am far from alone), but old in the sense of distant in time, as if belonging to some other world. Kraftwerk's music sounds like something you would pick up if you and your spaceship were orbiting Pluto or Neptune or if you are somewhere gently travelling through the dark matter of our universe, millions of light years away, no soul in sight but the communication system which is set to work only once a week, and even though you know where you are going you are lost because of the vastness of nothing surrounding you. and if you then try to tune in to some long lost radio sounds which seem to have been travelling space for aeons, you stumble across one of their songs and it sounds just in place. so not old perhaps, but distant. and yet close enough to love it, listen to it, enjoy it.

Bobbles 2

Saturday, May 20, 2006

happiness # 7

the final monologue of American Beauty. to understand it, to feel it, to know it, to love it, again and again and again.

Friday, May 19, 2006

a map of silent places

looking at a map of the world. many places i see in my mind, imagine what they look like. places i have never been but seen on photos, or places close enough to other places of which i know what they should look like. but looking at that same map, i see how many other places there are of which i can in no way form an image, only an approach to that image. for example, some peninsula on Nova Zembla north of Russia. of course, there will be snow, but what exactly would it look like? or those many small islands that constitute the fragmented shores of many parts of our world?

more places i have no idea of what they look like, than places i know or think i know. frustrating? no. i could probably make it frustrating, but that would not help me at all. in this life i will not have enough time to visit all the places i know, and will have even less time to visit the other places. i will not see the world, i will catch a glimpse of it. and even if i started walking today until my death, i would forget more than half of that same world. what was where and when was there... all unknown again. but what it can really mean, is the potential of places out there, inviting us. and even if we do not go to every invitation, the fact that at the end of our lives we can look back and think of all that other world out there, with its people and lives and happiness and sadness, is enough to be satisfied. satisfaction cannot come with wanting the world, satisfaction will come by loving the wealth this world has to offer, without tasting it all. that wealth is beauty, the unrealised potentials are roads not taken but are roads anyway. perhaps we should just be thankful for the many ways we can lead our lives, even if we follow only this one road from beginning to end.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

happiness # 6

to cover a two-person bed just by yourself, lazily stretching out, lingering between falling asleep again or gently waking up. one leg this way, one leg the other way, floating on an endless sea of mattress. being a daybreaker on a bed that is worth two of its kind, on a surface that is to be covered eternally by the lengths of your own body.

Friday, May 05, 2006

amusing ourselves to death

moby's dick... ahahahahahahahahaha

heh heh


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