Sunday, October 14, 2007

autumn sun

the autumn sun is the prettiest. for now at the start of the cycle of natural decay, we have leaves crumpling on every street, and line-drawn trees instead of full-blown magnifications of green. but for the sun, it is the best time to sneak in. in the summertime, the rays are too strong and thus she can only look at us from above. now at least she does not have to fear her own ferocity, and, from a lower, unsurpassingly beautiful angle, she drawns long, long, long shadows in every landscape, as if there will be no tomorrow. the contrast of a pearl blue sky and fresh green trees only does this much; it is the spectacular collision of yellow, and red, and old, nearly dying green with the now more intense blue sky that really draws all souls to the sageness of elder days.

there is no reason why i write this, and neither should there be one. trees are trees, skies are skies, the sun is the sun. if this is all, then it is more than enough.