Thursday, September 27, 2012

me # 2

i can be quite picky as far as bookmarks are concerned. not every bookmark is perfect in every book, at least in my opinion. i can spend minutes pondering which one to choose. and often the final decision will be based on emotional motives.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

me # 1

for the past four and a half years, i have been working on getting my phd in american literature. i cannot say they have been the easiest years i have ever been through, and, without wanting to sound dramatic, i must admit they have left a deep impact on me, and on how i perceive myself. i feel i need to reassemble myself now. redefine who exactly i am, or want to be, or was, or have always been. in all honesty, in all simplicity. i'll have a long way ahead, but i know i'll have to start somewhere. preferably here. and this is me, to begin with.

my name is peter, and i like to write.