Sunday, February 05, 2006

love and death and being very tired, actually

why do we fear death anyway? is it just because we are too attached to life, or is it because there is some primal instinct inside of us warning us for the end of the final act? if it were instinct, then sure death must be quite terrible. our instinct often warns us when trouble is ahead, making changes in our body in order to survive, and trouble never is fun. so death is no fun either? but as it is such a natural part of our lives, why then try to avoid it? nature is so good at being logic, at eliminating redundancy, then why not remove our fear of dying? but then again, if the fear were removed, then there's a good chance we would not try to survive any longer and it might mean the end of all things living and/or breathing. i guess. or are we quite simply too attached to life? if so, then death can still be nice or not-nice. but it would mean that life is nice. or can be nice. or should be nice.

perhaps i'm just being human again and trying to make sense of everything. it is not because nature is always logical, that she should be so right now. eh Hume?

and what about love? if there is a chance that the only reason why we are here, is to continue the strange phenomenon called life, then why make things so complicated? say it is just species-survival. male A likes female B and whoopee there they go trying to insert more life into this world. great fun, i admit, but it's never this simple. which is strange, looking at life's logical sense of upholding its own laws of simplicity again. (or perhaps homie Hume again shouts "of course it can be like this - there's no reason why it should be otherwise!") if love is only biochemistry, a pattern of smells leading us to the one partner with whom we can create The Greatest Children of All Aeons, then we surely are behaving very strangely as human beings, taking our daily behaviour into account.

maybe humans are a deviation of nature. then again, this is probably not possible. all is nature, right? or not right. wha.

and maybe, very definitely maybe, instincts function only "inside" of life. life tries to uphold itself and death tries to do so too. maybe in the realm of a death-world we have some strange instincts to keep on being dead. hah. that would be fun.

so anyway. to conclude this lesson: have loads of sex. thinking is for idiots. death rules.

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