Sunday, August 23, 2009

a daywatch into night

Distill Life

mad, monochrome road
lie resting under
last day's mirror slumber
never something to tell
lingering the day like silent
and somewhere a City.

such brown paper bags
swirl sullen question marks
on unseen air
unless a chariot
of winds and horses

waiting for
to willow and

and somewhere a City.

I once heard you there.
You whispered storm clouds.
Now. Distill, be still, still so
sorrows dimensionless
paste in photographs
for all the past to see

We give up the ghost
leaving long dead tracks
behind us; no griefs, no fears
nor eyes to feel

We need no roads
for when to stand
- stupefied, solitary -
only image, never daring
to beyond

then somewhere
a City

(picture by Lien Van der Maelen)

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